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  1. For articles or archives about Southwest, you can refer to The Southwester.  In the November 2012 issue, I will speak more about the project here.

  2. I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the following people for making the project possible:

    Kevin Arlyck

    Ralph Arlyck

    Deepak Bhargava

    Cecille Chen

    Leigh Conner

    Sarah Ciurysek

    Candice Davis

    Chris Dierks

    James Duncan-Welke (Southwester Newspaper)

    The (e)merge Art Fair team

    Candice Groenke

    Harry Hanbury

    Tilitia Harris-Walker (King Greenleaf Recreation Center)

    Rebecca Hart

    Molly Holder

    Perry Klein

    Richard Layman

    Dale MacIver

    John Mangin

    John Morrison

    Rachel Ostrow

    Vanessa Ruffin

    Jack Sears

    Jamie Smith

    Paul "South" Taylor

    Shastine van Vugt

    Sheila Wickouski